WEEK ONE 29 July to 5 August

Alexander Technique and Chi Kung

Cappella Chamber Choir

Chamber Orchestra

Choral Workshop 1

Composers’ Workshop

Masterclass for Singers

Piano Accompaniment

Practical Conducting

Score Learning and General Musicianship

The World of Wind Chamber Music

Voices in Harmony

Wind Conducting

Wind Ensemble

WEEK TWO  5 to 12 August

Alexander Technique and Chi Kung

Art of Choral Direction

Choral Masterpieces Choral  Course

Choral Workshop 2

Journey Through Jazz

Lighter Side Choral  Course

Masterclass for Singers

Orchestral Conducting Course

Piano Course

Score Learning and General Musicianship

Symphony Orchestra

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Week 1

Voices in Harmony

“Ditch the Dots”

Douglas V Watts

Harmony singing – for the joy of it! This is a course for people who want to learn how to sing unaccompanied and in harmony without using sheet music.


It is suitable for people who love to sing, both music readers (who may want to improve their aural skills) and non music readers. The deliberate avoidance of sheet music is partly to allow accessibility but also to enable everybody to sing “from the soles of their feet” without the intellectual discipline of being routed to the printed page.


Doug’s up-beat, inspirational style helps both tentative and confident singers to find their voices and enjoy the thrill of singing together in harmony. His sessions always include as much laughter as singing!


Sessions start with a physical and vocal warm up followed by one or two simple songs progressing to more complicated pieces. Doug works on singing technique with all participants helping them to make the best of their voices and promoting vocal health.

The course will sing a large variety of music - pop songs, world music, spirituals, classical, jazz - and perform in an informal concert at the end of the week.  

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