WEEK ONE  30 July to 6 August

Alexander Technique and Chi Kung

Cappella Chamber Choir

Chamber Orchestra

Choral Workshop 1

Composers’ Workshop

Masterclass for Singers

Mixed Chamber Music

Piano Accompaniment

Practical Conducting

Score Learning and General Musicianship

Wind Conducting

Wind Ensemble

WEEK TWO 6 to 13 August

Alexander Technique and Chi Kung

Art of Choral Direction

Choral Masterpieces Choral  Course

Choral Workshop 2

Journey Through Jazz

Lighter Side Choral  Course

Masterclass for Singers

Orchestral Conducting Course

Piano Course

Score Learning and General Musicianship

Symphony Orchestra

Voices in Harmony

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Week 1

Masterclass for Singers

‘Exploring your Voice’

Mary King course director     

David Elwin senior répétiteur & vocal coach,

Keval Shah répétiteur & vocal coach

This course will concentrate on three main performing skills: technique, style and communication. It is open to confident singers of all levels - whether students, teachers, non-specialists or aspiring professionals and will examine the fundamentals of good technique (including breathing, tone, articulation and projection) with the intention of giving students the pleasure of developing skills and through them the consistency which is the aim of all good singing. We will also examine what makes a confident performer and an effective communicator.

Students should bring three or four solo pieces of their own choice to work on during the week - they can be from either the classical canon or music theatre. When choosing your songs, please keep in mind that at least one song should be in English. For classical singers, one song should be in a foreign language (please make sure before you arrive that you know what every word means). Also keep in mind that short songs allow us to work on them for longer - three minutes is ideal. Songs that you know well allow us to work on performance skills. Songs that you are in the process of learning allow us to work on technical skills. The songs you choose should be in a variety of speeds and periods of music. Most importantly, please bring songs that you love to sing and that are within your vocal range and technical capability.


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