WEEK ONE 29 July to 5 August

Alexander Technique and Chi Kung

Cappella Chamber Choir

Chamber Orchestra

Choral Workshop 1

Composers’ Workshop

Masterclass for Singers

Piano Accompaniment

Practical Conducting

Score Learning and General Musicianship

The World of Wind Chamber Music

Voices in Harmony

Wind Conducting

Wind Ensemble

WEEK TWO  5 to 12 August

Alexander Technique and Chi Kung

Art of Choral Direction

Choral Masterpieces Choral  Course

Choral Workshop 2

Journey Through Jazz

Lighter Side Choral  Course

Masterclass for Singers

Orchestral Conducting Course

Piano Course

Score Learning and General Musicianship

Symphony Orchestra

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      Weeks 1 and 2

Alexander Technique and Chi Kung                        

Monday to Friday Weeks 1 & 2

Glyn Williams

Throughout the school’s two weeks, each morning before breakfast Monday to Friday, a half-hour Chi Kung class will be held. The class is open to all students and will teach the gentle Chinese art of meditation and relaxation, a perfect start for the rigours of any Sherborne day. The five sessions will cost £10.00 and a place may be reserved at the School through the Summer School office.

Individual Chi Kung, Alexander Technique and Tai Chi Chuan lessons will be available as usual at a cost of £20.00 per half-hour, again bookable through the Summer School office.

Glyn Williams, a freelance bassoon player and qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique, has been teaching since 1984 applying the technique to a wide range of professional activities.

He teaches professional and non-professional students from all walks of like and has been featured

in both radio and television programmes in connection with his work. He is also active as an instrument teacher, bringing his combined  expertise to young people in Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley.