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If completed, this form should accompany Enrolment Form Part 1 in the manner described at the bottom of that form.

Enrolment form part 2
Sherborne Summer School of Music

A Journey through Jazz  Please give details of your musical education / background. Can you play by ear? Do you play regularly (please give details)?

Art of Choral Direction    Please give details of musical experience, choirs sung in, positions held, works conducted future commitments, etc.

Composers’ Workshop   Please give details of your musical education. List the instruments you play. Assess your standard. Are you including a sample of your work as a composer? (Please include a stamped & addressed envelope if you want your work to be returned before the start of the course)

Masterclass for Singers 1 / 2   Assess your standard - Beginner - Experienced Amateur - full time student - Semi-professional - Professional.

Practical Conducting, Wind Conducting and Orchestral Conductors Wk 2    Please give details of your profession, musical education, instruments plays and orchestral instruments you are prepared to play in the class. Give details of all conducting courses you have previously attended.

Chamber Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra,  Wind Chamber Music, Wind Ensemble   Please confirm if you are able to bring extra / doubling instruments e.g. cor anglais, contra bassoon, etc.


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